lunes, 31 de julio de 2017

Excelente oportunidad


Stephen Soper
Durante los días 11 y 12 de septiembre en Bogotá, el prestigioso y experto banquero y profesor Stephen Soper estará impartiendo el curso taller de inglés de negocios, enfocado a aquellas personas que necesitan mejorar sus habilidades en este idioma, con el propósito de construir relaciones con clientes potenciales de manera más eficientes, ganar confianza en el proceso de ventas en inglés, incrementando así sus oportunidades en el mercado y su sector de trabajo. 

Si desea realizar el taller y/o requiere más información, por favor comuníquese al número de celular 3162677777. 

Effective Sales and Communication Workshop

Course Objective:

Familiarize the participant with the four stages of the Sales Cycle; Rapport, Explore, Present and Close.   Workshop participants will learn how each of these stages plays an important role in benefits-oriented selling.  

The course is designed to improve the participant’s skills in building rapport with prospects/clients and how to gain and maintain their trust throughout the sales process.  

Teaching Approach:

Participants are taught effective questioning methods and reflective listening skills to gain an understanding of the prospect’s primary needs and objectives.  Once the prospect’s objectives are identified a customized presentation, developed to address these specific needs, can be delivered.   

Agenda Día 1
Participants are trained in dealing with different personality types when communicating with prospects and clients

Participants will also learn how to handle objections that arise throughout the sales cycle process as well as gain a better understanding of negotiation techniques aimed at achieving a win-win outcome while dealing with different personality types.   

An important goal of the workshop is to increase the participant’s confidence and skill set in identifying and accessing the needs of prospects and clients.  The net effect is the understanding and satisfaction that each participant will have the tools necessary to address the prospects’ and clients’ needs and objectives in a very efficient and effective manner. 
Agenda Día 2

The outcome of this training workshop should result in greater self-assurance and a higher closing rate in the sales of your products and services.  When multiple individuals participate in the workshop the bank benefits due to higher employee efficiency and through the creation of a client-focused culture within the organization.


Stephen R. Soper 

Stephen has over 26 years of experience in the financial field working as a Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager. He has held positions with commercial banks and institutional money management firms located in New York City NY, Chicago IL, Los Angeles CA, and currently in Greenwich CT. 

Stephen was a finance and business professor at UCLA Extension and National University in Los Angeles, as well as, Politécnico Grancolombinao and Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia.

Mr. Soper has received a MBA in Finance and BS degree in Marketing and Economics from the University of Bridgeport CT and a Personal Financial Planning certificate from UCLA. 

Mr. Soper is CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Certified Retirement Counselor, Certified Trust and Financial Advisor and Certified Sales and Communication Instructor. 

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